BANG! 4th of July App Reviews

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The game doesnt work iOS 10 iPhone se

The game crash at the start, fix it pls. iOS 10, iPhone se

Funny version of a great game

Bizarre Founding Fathers version of the Western bluffing game. Great interface, good instructions; lots of fun when you cant gather five people together to play cards.

I love bang!!!!!

I live the app and the card game!!!


Love it! Bought their other app, but they have made some improvements in this version. I have this game at home and would love to see each character have a special ability like the real ge has!!

Love the game but...

Can you please oh please move the tutorial button some place else I just wanna get on with game and sometimes ( okay a lot ) I hit that stinkin button and I just want to shut the whole game down ( which i do a lot also ) rather than wait for it to go threw all the stuff so I can get back out! Other than that I cant wait for the update to get some new people oh and my hubby hates this game cause I play it so much but I think he plays when Im not around cause he is always asking me questions about what does this and who does that... Why cant he just hit that stinkin tutorial button ahhhh Oh and great job people... Now update me :) and move that stinkin button.. Thanks oh and I do have the full version of this game... Cause I love it!

Awesome but

This game is so much fun but every time I turn around it starts loading then Goes black whats up with that?????? Please fix it it is free and shouldnt be so hard to have to keep deleting it and reloading :-/ PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!

Love the game

Love the game but please fix the beers from being stuck then I will give it five stars

Real game is great, but app has bugs

When the deputy dies the sherif doesnt lose his cards like hes supposed to. Also there are time when cards thats should be playable (like a beer card when youre missing health) are selectable from your hand. Also the personalities from the real card game are missing. Im not going to buy the full version until they at least fix the bugs.

Does not work

I bought the game and now it does not open.

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